Arkaza – Ark Survival Acsended

Arkaza - Ark Survival Ascended

Just trust us ! Thats all we can ask


Arkaza - What we offer

We offer an enjoyable gaming experience to our players, no pay to win, never seen before scripts, and a dedicated staff team.

Custom Bot

Amazing Staff Team

Custom Scripts

Many Maps


Arkaza Server Platforms




Windows 10


Frequently Asked Question

Here are the most asked questions from our players, let us know if these help you if not create a ticket in the discord.

Kaza Coins is our discord currency, play our mini games to earn coins which you can use to buy in game items/dino's, Want to make more?

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Yes Steam,Playstation, Xbox and windows will all be able to play together at Arkaza!

At Arkaza we use Shopify for all our donations, this is because its a trusted store meaning you dont need to worry about giving a non trusted source any personal data.

Our Server Locations
Around the world.

To ensure the highest quality of gaming we have invested into servers globally for our players to enjoy !